Thioredoxin reductase selenoenzyme

Thioredoxin reductases from mammalian cells are three selenoenzymes with a catalytically essential selenocysteine residue in the active site. The enzymes are critical for the function of the thioredoxin system in oxidative stress and other functions.

IMCO supplies recombinant rat thioredoxin reductase1 as the active selenoenzyme and at a price which is a fraction of what other companies charge. Only the authentic selenocysteine-containing enzyme (and not the cysteine mutant) is a target of many clinically used drugs.


FkGSH-01 assay published

For more information about the FkGSH-01 kit see below.


New Product and Price list

Imco has a new kit for high sensitivity measurements of GSH using a glutaredoxin-based method and fluorescent dieosin-GSSG.