New version of FkTRXR-03-STAR

FkTRXR-03-STAR has a new upgraded content. Standard rat rTrxR ( 40µl of 14 Units/ml in 50 percent glycerol) is added in the kit. From this dilutions to 10 mUnits/ml is made to ensure fully active enzyme at the time of assay generating a standard curve

This assay is extremely sensitive and is based on Trx-dependent disulfide reduction of a fluorescent substrate.

FkTRXR-03 STAR 20140710.pdf (pdf, 177 kB)


FkGSH-01 assay published

For more information about the FkGSH-01 kit see below.


New Product and Price list

Imco has a new kit for high sensitivity measurements of GSH using a glutaredoxin-based method and fluorescent dieosin-GSSG.