Glutathionylation and GRX activity easy to study

Glutathionylation (the formation of a mixed disulfide with GSH)can be studied by products from IMCO. We also have a new unique kit for assays of glutaredoxin activity.

IMCO has DiEGSSG and GRX-04 as a products for studying glutathionylation. DiEGSSG or dieosine-diglutathione disulfide is fluoresent and can be used to label a protein┤s SH-group. The glutathionylated protein is visible in ultraviolet light on gelelectrophoresis and can be specifically deglutahionylated by E. coli GRX1C14S mutant protein ( GRX-04) in the presence of 1mM GSH and glutathione reductase plus NADPH. The reaction can be followed by the high fluorescence of released E-GSH(eosine-glutathione).
For easy and highly sensitive measurements of glutaredoxin activity use FkGRX-01 containing all components for pmol sensitivity in microtiter plate assays in 100 Ál volumes. Determine eg Grx activiy in 40 Ál plasma using the kit. Grx1 activity is a novel marker of oxidative stress.

FkGRX-01 (pdf, 164 kB)


New kit for high sensitivity GSH measurements

Measuring GSH in plasma and serum requires high sensitivity and is complicated by oxidation in samples upon storage. IMCO has developed a new kit for high sensitivity fluorescent determinations of GSH, GSSG and glutathionylated products.


Mammalian thioredoxin reductases: TR-03 and TR-03B

Mammalian thioredoxin reductase 1 (TrxR) contain an essential seleocycteine residue encoded by the stop codon UGA. This makes recombinant expression in E.coli a challenge. IMCO now has preparations of rat TrxR with unsurpassed specific activity.