Improved kit for thioredoxin assay; FkTRX-02

The fluoresence kit for assay of thioredoxin(Trx)has been improved. Read more.

The mammalian selenoenzyme thioredoxin reductas(TrxR1)is now supplied as 4 Units and in a user friendly form as a glycerol solution ready to be used after dilution. Note that the recombinant rat TrxR cross-reacts freely with all mammalian Trx proteins including the human Trx1.

FkTRX-02.docx 20120127.pdf (pdf, 178 kB)


FkGSH-01 assay published

For more information about the FkGSH-01 kit see below.


New Product and Price list

Imco has a new kit for high sensitivity measurements of GSH using a glutaredoxin-based method and fluorescent dieosin-GSSG.