New products 2010

IMCO has added six new products in 2010.These include human glutaredoxin 2, as product GRX-02, and a rabbit antibody against this protein, as product AGRX-02, which recognizes both human and mouse mitochondrial Grx2a. The polyclonal goat antibody against human Trx1 is now also available biotinylated as product ATRX-07. The pair of ATRX-03 and ATRX-07 may be used for ELISA applications with excellent results for determination of human Trx1. A new rabbit antipeptide antibody specific for full-length human Trx1 is available as ATRX-08. A mutant protein of E.coli glutaredoxin 1, Grx1C14S is sold as
GRX-04 and a mutant protein of E.coli Grx3, Grx3C14SC65Y is sold as GRX-05. Both these proteins act as specific protein deglutathionylation reagents together with GSH, NADPH and glutathione reductase.

The kits for highly sensitive enzymatic fluorescence assays in 96 well microtiter plates for thioredoxin, thioredoxin reductase and glutaredoxin will be available shortly.


FkGSH-01 assay published

For more information about the FkGSH-01 kit see below.


New Product and Price list

Imco has a new kit for high sensitivity measurements of GSH using a glutaredoxin-based method and fluorescent dieosin-GSSG.